Publications Oliver T. Stein

Publications by Oliver Stein, prior to ITV

Publications (prior to ITV)

  1. 2010

    1. O. T. Stein, G. Lewis, C. Olbricht, J. Gibbins, and A. Kempf, “Numerical Simulation of Flow and Combustion in a 40MWth Industrial Coal Furnace,” in 8th Internat. ERCOFTAC Symp. Eng. Turb. Model. & Meas., Marseille, France, (2010).
    2. B. Böhm, O. Stein, A. Kempf, and A. Dreizler, “In-Nozzle Measurements of a Turbulent Opposed Jet Using PIV,” Flow, Turbul. Combust., vol. 85, pp. 73–93, (2010).
  2. 2009

    1. O. T. Stein and A. Kempf, “Numerical Simulation of Oxyfuel Combustion: CFD Modelling of Doosan Babcock’s CCTF Furnace,” in 1st Oxyfuel Combust. Conf., Cottbus, Germany, (2009).
    2. O. T. Stein and A. Kempf, “An LEM-LES Method for Incompressible Reacting Flows with Finite- Rate Chemistry,” in Proc. 4th Europ. Combust. Meeting, Vienna, Austria, (2009).
    3. O. T. Stein, “LES of Combustion in Swirling and Opposed Jet Flows,” Imperial College London, UK, (2009).
  3. 2008

    1. A. Kempf, W. Malalasekera, K. K. J. Ranga-Dinesh, and O. Stein, “Large Eddy Simulations of Swirling Non-premixed Flames With Flamelet Models: A Comparison of Numerical Methods,” Flow, Turbul. Combust., vol. 81, pp. 523--561, (2008).
  4. 2007

    1. O. Stein and A. Kempf, “LES of the Sydney swirl flame series: A study of vortex breakdown in isothermal and reacting flows,” Proc. Combust. Inst., vol. 31, pp. 1755–1763, (2007).
    2. O. T. Stein, M. Freitag, F. Flemming, and A. Kempf, “Lean premixed combustion in turbulent opposed nozzle flows: Algebraic modelling of the Flame Surface Density for Large Eddy Simulation,” in Proc. 3rd Europ. Combust. Meeting, Chania, Greece, (2007).
    3. O. Stein, A. M. Kempf, and J. Janicka, “LES of the Sydney swirl flame series: An initial investigation of the fluid dynamics,” Combust. Sci. Technol., vol. 179, pp. 173–189, (2007).
  5. 2005

    1. D. Goryntsev, O. T. Stein, M. Klein, and J. Janicka, “Characterization of cyclic fluctuations of the in-cylinder flow field of a direct injection SI engine using Large Eddy Simulation,” in VII. Congr. Engine Combust. Processes, Munich, Germany, (2005).
  6. 2004

    1. O. T. Stein, “Analysis of the Flow Field in Gasoline Direct Injection Engines using LES,” (2004).
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