Institute for Combustion Technology (ITV)

ITV deals with the modelling and simulation of turbulent, reacting multiphase flows in energy conversion and nanoparticle processes.

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With about 20 scientific employees and students, the Institute for Combustion Technology of the University of Stuttgart conducts research on the fundamentals of modelling and simulation of turbulent, reacting flows in the areas of gas phase combustion, multiphase flows (gaseous/liquid and gaseous/solid) and nanoparticle processes. The teaching of ITV covers the fundamentals and advanced topics in combustion technology and simulation of reacting flow systems, as well as related programming basics.

Please note that there will be no consultation hours at the institute until further notice!

The office will be staffed sporadically on site, but one can contact the office via email.

In general, all staff can be contacted via email.

We offer to the students the opportunity to take part in the upcoming presentations of the study- and master theses at ITV and to receive proof of this (form "seminar lectures").

The presentations are for the time being only "virtual", so you can join via Webex.

The link to the respective talk will be shown here on the presentation date at the latest.

Please write an email to the Administrator (see below) if you want to attend and need a proof!


Tue, May 11  02:00 PM
Maximilian Karsch
"Coarse-grained modeling of fractal-like aggregates"

Wed, May 19  02:00 PM
Giovanni Luigi Tufano
"Fully-Resolved Simulations of Ignition and Combustion of Single Coal Particles and Coal Particle Clouds"

Tue, May 25  02:00 PM
Marvin Sontheimer
"Testing of single-phase and two-phase MMC models based on a reaction-diffusion system"

Tue, Jun 1  02:00 PM
Nadezhda Iaroslavtceva
"MMC mixing time scales for premixed flames"

Tue, June 15  02:00 PM  
Jacqueline Yang
"Testing of PDF mixing models in homogeneous isotropic turbulence / Differential diffusion modeling using MMC."

Tue, June 22  02:00 PM  
Tien Duc Luu
"FPV-LES Modelling of gas-assisted swirling pulverised coal flames"

Tue, June 29  02:00 PM  
Shiqi Meng  
"Methods for mesh-independent DNS of solid fuel combustion with large particles"

Tue, Jul 6  02:00 PM  
Ali Shamooni Pour Dezfouli
"An introduction to deep learning techniques for image processing"

Tue, Jul 13  02:00 PM  
Ali Shamooni Pour Dezfouli
"Super-resolution reconstruction of turbulent flows with machine learning" 

Tue, Jul 20  02:00 PM  
Jan W. Gärtner
"LES Simulations of Fully Flashing Sprays" 

Tue, Jul 27  02:00 PM  
Songbai Yao
"Ensemble Learning Methods for Combustion Modeling"

Tue, Sep 21      02:00 PM
Marvin Sontheimer
"Effects of PSI-cell modeling on subgrid-scale mixture fraction variance for LES of spray combustion"
14:00 | 1 Stunde | (UTC+02:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rom, Stockholm, Wien

Wed, Sep 22      03:00 PM (!!!)
Tien Duc Luu
"Analysis of heat transfer effects in flamelet/progress variable LES of gas-assisted pulverised coal flames"
15:00 | 1 Stunde | (UTC+02:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rom, Stockholm, Wien

Tue, Oct 12      02:00 PM 
Jan W. Gärtner
"Introduction to Profiling with OpenFOAM"
14:00 | 1 Stunde | (UTC+02:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rom, Stockholm, Wien


PLACE: Herdweg 51, lecture hall 51.01, Tuesdays - 02:00 - 04:00pm

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